Thursday, June 9, 2016

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions, Chennai, INDIA

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions, Pvt Limited (Regd) is launched in June 2016 to achieve the main objectives of Healthcare Management Services, Corporate Health(Occupational) services, Training & Development, Medical Tourism, Healthcare Operations, Events Management in Seminars/Workshop and Conferences, Medical & Education Career counselling.

With a team of talented professionals in each field having rich experience in the healthcare industry, we take every step to ensure that our customers get best of services without any compromise on quality.

About Managing Director:
Shri A.Mahalingam known popularly as ‘Mahali’ in medical and academic circles in national and International circles is the founder and Managing Director of Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Limited (Regd).

His long tenure (25 years) at Sankara Nethralaya, a unit of Medical Research Foundation, Chennai, the world renowned ophthalmic institution was marked by watershed achievements in diverse areas and his move to Healthcare Management Solutions.

An academician & healthcare administrator par excellence, Shri A Mahalingam has impressive academic credentials in diverse areas such as Hospital Management, Operations Management, Training & Development from reputed educational institutions like LIBA, IGNOU, BITS, Pilani to name a few besides attending and as well as organizing high profile Total Quality Management programs, seminars and training sessions.

He is well oriented and experienced in Non Profit Organizations, Corporate Healthcare settings and Healthcare Academics.

Mr Mahalingam is well connected with professionals in healthcare and academics in both domestic and international spheres.

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Limited (Regd) is focusing on the following services with the support/guidance care by the experts/reputed instititutions:

  1. Healthcare Supportive & Preventive Services

    • Home care services (Nurses, Technicians, and Assistants).

    • On Call Medical Experts Services.

    • Physiotherapy Services.

    • Medical Laboratory & Diagnostics Services.

    • Medicine – Home Delivery Services.

    • Ambulance & Emergency Services.

    • Ophthalmology, Dental Care, ENT and all specialty Support.

  1. Healthcare Management Services

    • Healthcare Accreditations ( ISO, NABH, NABL, JCI, etc).

    • Healthcare Operations and Management Services.

    • Hospital Management Information and EMR Supportive Services.

    • A to Z in Training.

    • Customer Care Support.

  1. Corporate – Health (Occupational) Services

    • Arranging healthcare awareness talks, screening and medical camps, vaccination and preventive care assistance.

    • Support in pre-employment and preventive healthcare by qualified medical experts in respective field.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility in healthcare.

  1. Training & Development

    • Various short term healthcare & general management courses (onsite and online) in association with reputed institutions.

    • Support in healthcare management/administration of candidates projects.

    • Function as various universities Study Centres.

    • Organizing national & international events (Seminars/Workshops/Conferences).

  1. Medical Tourism
    • Medical Tourism (also called Health Tourism) refers to the growing trend towards the utilization of medical services in India coupled with post-treatment cultural tours across the country. Millions of people from abroad choose medical tourism in India to get treated from the internationally trained surgeons and for best medical treatment available. Being one of the global medical tourism destinations, India excels in all medical treatments and is known for its high quality health care.

    • As a health care facilitator, our team of medical and non-medical professionals will help you

      • Make informed decisions on selecting the hospitals.

      • Accommodation, transportation, surgery and post medical treatment.

      • Choose the right destination for recuperation.

      • Coordinate all medical correspondence with medical experts and

      • Facilitate all hospital appointments, investigations and procedures

      • .


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