Sunday, October 29, 2017

Twin Tech Academy - Seminar on Optometry Entrepreneurship Management Skills on 29th October 2017

An in-depth seminar on developing the entrepreneurial abilities of optometrists draws high appreciation from leading healthcare providers and professionals.

Twin Tech Academy the well known management and healthcare consultancy and solutions/ training provider, known for its trail blazing seminars and initiatives that blend core competence with managerial skills organized a one day seminar on Optometry Entrepreneurship Management Skills in association with Institute of Vision Management on 29th October 2017.

The event assumed great significance in light of the fact that dispensing of visual aids and the commercial potential of optometry- the art and science of vision have largely remained in the dark. The objective of the seminar was to highlight the relevance of optometry in maintaining healthy vision and educating optometrists on the social need to create awareness on the same while providing them the expertise and training to make it a viable commercial proposition.

Mr A Mahalingam, Managing Director, Twin Tech Academy highlighted in his welcome address that the seminar was conceived to meet the huge demand for optometry as a service in the country and also in keeping with the spirit of “ ‘Make in India” the self reliance mantra and initiatives of our Govt. A veteran with long years of service in various areas in the eye care industry, he underlined that ‘Entrepreneurship education’ is assuming a lot of significance and acceptance as our young men and women aspire to become ‘job providers’ and not ‘job seekers’.

He added that the field of optometry was among the least exposed/tapped in terms of commercial initiatives and as an eye care professional from an institution which pioneered the study and research in ‘Optometry’ in the country and head of a consulting and management organization he felt it was his moral/social responsibility to educate optometrists on the various career options before them apart from serving in an eye care institution. We felt that giving such exposure to the optometrists would help them significantly in choosing Optometry Entrepreneurship as a career option.

The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr Anuja R Singh, HOD - Optometry Programs - the Sankara Nethralaya Academy & Program Director for the International Fellow of British Dispensing opticians (FBDO) UK. In her key note address she underlined the acute need for more optometry entrepreneurs in our country.

She had a high word of praise for Twin Tech Academy for realizing this critical need and to have conceived of this highly relevant and niche seminar addressing the same. She expressed her confidence that the seminar will throw open many challenging and remunerating options to the delegates and they will be highly benefitted from this unique seminar.

Eminent experts and professionals with proven experience in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship gave valuable insights into business in the current era with particular emphasis on optometry, with key sessions such as ‘Optometry - Management Perspectives’, Marketing Plans, SWOT Analysis, Customer Creation and retention, Financing of start up enterprises etc. This was followed by a real time sharing of their practical experiences in terms of challenges and solutions by successful entrepreneurs from a diverse background. 

Mr Muthiah Ramanathan, Director Mind Dynamics Centre set the stage through his illuminating session and practical applications of effective Communication skills / process. He emphasized that it is imperative for entrepreneurs to develop strong communication abilities in a highly competitive and fast market place and the need to follow the various stages of it diligently which will ensure success for their enterprises.

Dr K Ravi Shankar, MBBS, DO, DNB, FRCS Ed (Edin), M.Med (S'pore) – Founder / Medical Director, Sri Ramana Eye Centre, Chennai (Formerly Chief Executive Officer – Sankara Nethralaya, Medical Research Foundation, Chennai) in his valedictory address stressed the national and global imperatives of entrepreneurship in an ever dynamic economic scenario and observed that therefore it was in the fitness of things that Twin Tech Academy is conducting such a highly relevant and wonderful program.

The niche seminar on a niche area of eye care services had a strong impact on the large number of young eye care professionals comprising of Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Optometry interns, attending it.

Mahalingam A / TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions / / 97104 85295 / /

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Legal Issues Relating to Hospital Administration 24th June 2017, Saturday (2pm to 5pm)

Registrations Invited
Highly topical and need of the hour session on
Legal Issues Relating to Hospital Administration 
24th June 2017, Saturday (2pm to 5pm)
Organized by
TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions, Chennai - Regd


A dramatic increase in awareness of their rights, a larger coverage of health insurance and the emergence of a new generation of highly demanding patient base has made it highly imperative that healthcare providers have a clear understanding of health laws, their liability  to the patient his family, the insurance company and medico legal issues.

This special two day seminar titled ‘Legal Issues Relating to Hospital Administration ‘conducted by legal experts with an depth knowledge and understanding of laws pertaining to the delivery of healthcare, will give health care providers including medical practitioners an in-depth understanding of laws that govern their profession, their duties and liabilities and safeguard them against uncertainties and unwanted legal issues and help them to practice their profession without anxiety.

The overwhelming response that we received for the recent seminars organized by Mr A Mahalingam in the critical areas of Healthcare Management like HR in Healthcare, Customer Care in Hospitals and Materials Management for Hospitals, topical seminar in Hospital Management and the resultant learning have come as a major boost and encouragement to us to conduct this highly topical and need of the hour session on Legal Issues Relating to Hospital Administration on 22nd July 2017

Targeted Participants:
The session is open to Healthcare directors, administrators, healthcare professionals, healthcare management consultants, clinicians, doctors and students of hospital management and law students. The healthcare event management experience and skills of TwinTech Academy Business Management promise an excellent learning and networking opportunity for delegates attending this unique seminar.

Topics and Discussion:
·         Introduction to Various Kinds of Law in Healthcare
·         Consumer Protection Act – Litigations – Preventions – Medical Negligence.
·         Various Important Case laws in Medical Negligence & Labour matters.
·         Informed consent and the role of consent in consumer cases
·         Importance of medical records including validity of Electronic Medical Records.

Registration Fee:  Rs 2000/- per head.

Mode of Registration fee payment: The Registration fee is to be paid by Demand Draft in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, payable at Chennai.       
To know more and register for this unique seminar please write to: / contact: 97104 85295 / 98405 23560.


A Session on Healthcare Financial Management -Saturday,01.07.2017

TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Regd.)
A Session on
Healthcare Financial Management
Saturday,01.07.2017| 2pm to 5 pm
Venue :
Lecture Hall, Center for Medical Genetics,
27 Taylors Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010
A practical guide to analyze financial data and understanding the implications of financial performance of business. Various nuances of financial management ranging from Accounting and Finance to planning and budget reviews and reporting financial outcomes will be introduced.

Objectives of the Session:
To enable Healthcare Administrators, Doctors, Executives in Healthcare and Consultants- appreciate and understand:
·         Role of Finance & Accounting in a Hospital.
·         Implications of finance on the Organization’s activities
·         Importance of financial statements
·         Costing of products and services
·         Funding and Capital Budgeting
·         Investments -Decision making
Resource Person:
Shri PR Ravindran,Chartered-cum-Cost Accountant, Former Chief General Manager (Sankara Nethralaya).More than 35 years experience in Accounting, Finance, Project Financing, MIS and Corporate Strategy in Rane Group, Tube Investments, Pennar Aluminium, Ashok Leyland and TCS
Targeted Participants:  
Doctors and Administration Executives working in Hospitals/ Health care Institutions.

Registration: Includes Refreshments, Reference Material.

Registration Fee: Rs 3000/-
The DD to be in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd
                                     For details and Registrations
Mr A.Mahalingam, Organizing Secretary: Mobile No: 97104 85295

A Seminar on Healthcare Marketing and Leveraging Social media for marketing -05th August 2017, Saturday

TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Regd.)
One Day Seminar On
Healthcare Marketing and Leveraging Social media for marketing
05th August 2017, Saturday  | 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Venue :
Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)
Chateau D´Ampa, IVth Floor, No. 37, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600029, Tamil Nadu (Land Mark : Behind Skywalk)
Marketing is vital for any organization. However, its key position is often overlooked. With increasing competition and awareness it is imperative that health care providers be aware of the need for marketing and its application in their organization. The growth of the internet and social media platforms has provided an excellent opportunity to leverage this digital media for marketing. This workshop is designed to give you an over view of marketing and the use of social media to drive marketing efforts.
Who should attend the Seminar?

Ø Customer service representatives,
Ø   Marketing personnel
Ø Hospital Administrators
Ø Doctors heading hospitals
Ø Small pharmacy owners
Course Content:-
Ø  What is healthcare marketing?  
Ø  Why the need for healthcare marketing?
Ø    Understanding Customer Needs
Ø    Growth in the health care segment
Ø   How to develop a good marketing proposition 
Ø  The need for value creation  
Ø   The service value delivery chain
Ø    The social media revolution
Ø  The tools available for marketing through social media
Ø  Effective communication through social media
Ø  How to manage the unmediated content
Registration Fee: Rs 4000 /- and The DD to be in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

Registration fee Includes Refreshments, Lunch, and Reference Material.

For details and Registrations
Mr A.Mahalingam, Organizing Secretary: Mobile No : 97104 85295

One day workshop on Biomedical Waste Management - Sunday, 13th June 2017

TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Regd)

One day workshop on
Biomedical Waste Management
Sunday, 13th June 2017 | 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Venue :
Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)
Chateau D´Ampa, IVth Floor, No. 37, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600029, Tamil Nadu (Land Mark : Behind Skywalk)

It is a fact that hospital is associated with a kind of divinity. This is because hospitals cure patients and also save lives. However, on the flipside, there are enormous adverse effects arising out of Biomedical Wastes that surrounds every hospital. The awareness about this lurking danger is very low. The quantity of hazardous Biomedical Waste generated by hospitals is huge. This is a serious occupational threat in healthcare establishments as well as to the public. The healthcare workers, environment, the flora and fauna in the vicinity get affected immensely due to the hazard posed by hospital wastes. 

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) transmitted through transfusion fluids, growing incidence of Hepatitis B, HIV infection, environmental, air and water pollution all contribute increasing health risks to the patients and public. Besides, there is the risk of dangerous gases from incinerators adding to the problems. Therefore, like so many disciplines that call for efficient management control, Biomedical Waste Management should also be considered as a "must" activity in a hospital.

This workshop therefore acquires critical importance in the health delivery as a whole. The objective of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for learning and implementation of the desired practices to manage Biomedical Waste. It further aims to provide useful tips on toxic waste minimization. This program will be very useful to all the administrators, medical and paramedical staff as well as people engaged in Government and private hospitals and clinical research laboratories.

Topics to be covered:

·        Biomedical Waste Management in India – Current Scenario
·        Requirements of Hospitals as per the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules.
·        Salient Features of Common Biomedical Waste facilities.
·        Importance of Segregation of Biomedical Waste.
·        Treatment and Disposal Technology.
·        Storage of Untreated Biomedical Waste.
·        Occupational and Public health risks of Hazardous Health Care Wastes.
·        Transportation of Biomedical Waste.

Eminent experts in the field like
Ex Army Medical Corps (Indian Navy),
Occupational Health Physician and Consultant,
Senior Consultant - Public Health,Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai

This workshop will be useful for the executives from Healthcare Institutions, Executives, Head of Departments, Medical and  Paramedical staff from Private and Government hospitals, Occupational healthcare centers, Clinical & Referral laboratories and Students of Healthcare Management & Allied Healthcare Programs .

Registration Fee: Rs 3000/-(Registration fee Includes Refreshments, Reference Materials).The DD to be in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd

For details and registrations, Contact :
Mr A.Mahalingam, Organizing Secretary:
Mobile No: 97104 85295 / eMail :

One Day Seminar On Competency Mapping - Sunday, 18th June 2017 | 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM

TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Regd.)
One Day Seminar On Competency Mapping
Sunday, 18th June 2017 | 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Venue :
Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)
Chateau D´Ampa, IVth Floor, No. 37, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600029, Tamil Nadu (Land Mark : Behind Skywalk)
Competency mapping is the process of identification of the competencies required to perform successfully a given job or role or a set of tasks at a given point of time.
Competencies include the collection of success factors necessary for achieving important results in a specific job or work role in a particular organization.
Success factors are combinations of knowledge, skills, and attributes that are described in terms of specific behaviours, and are demonstrated by superior performers in those jobs or work roles.
Attributes include: personal characteristics, traits, motives, values or ways of thinking that impact an individual's behaviour. Competency must lead to effective performance.
Covering Topics:
Introduction to Competency, Steps in Competency Mapping, Classification of Competencies, Competency Iceberg Model, Performance Aspects, Preparation of Competency Dictionary, Develop a Competency Map, Measurement of Competency, Deriving Required Competency Proficiency Level, Using BARS for Competency Maps, Performance and Competence Management as a Concept, Advantages of Competency Mapping.

Targeted Participants:
Human resource professionals working in performance management areas, learning and development department. Any professional who is working on a cross functional team to design and implement performance review systems in their organization.

Registration: Includes Refreshments, Lunch, and Reference Material.

Registration Fee: Rs 4000/-
The DD to be in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd
                               For details and Registrations
Mr A.Mahalingam, Organizing Secretary: Mobile No: 97104 85295

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions, Chennai, INDIA

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions, Pvt Limited (Regd) is launched in June 2016 to achieve the main objectives of Healthcare Management Services, Corporate Health(Occupational) services, Training & Development, Medical Tourism, Healthcare Operations, Events Management in Seminars/Workshop and Conferences, Medical & Education Career counselling.

With a team of talented professionals in each field having rich experience in the healthcare industry, we take every step to ensure that our customers get best of services without any compromise on quality.

About Managing Director:
Shri A.Mahalingam known popularly as ‘Mahali’ in medical and academic circles in national and International circles is the founder and Managing Director of Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Limited (Regd).

His long tenure (25 years) at Sankara Nethralaya, a unit of Medical Research Foundation, Chennai, the world renowned ophthalmic institution was marked by watershed achievements in diverse areas and his move to Healthcare Management Solutions.

An academician & healthcare administrator par excellence, Shri A Mahalingam has impressive academic credentials in diverse areas such as Hospital Management, Operations Management, Training & Development from reputed educational institutions like LIBA, IGNOU, BITS, Pilani to name a few besides attending and as well as organizing high profile Total Quality Management programs, seminars and training sessions.

He is well oriented and experienced in Non Profit Organizations, Corporate Healthcare settings and Healthcare Academics.

Mr Mahalingam is well connected with professionals in healthcare and academics in both domestic and international spheres.

Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Limited (Regd) is focusing on the following services with the support/guidance care by the experts/reputed instititutions:

  1. Healthcare Supportive & Preventive Services

    • Home care services (Nurses, Technicians, and Assistants).

    • On Call Medical Experts Services.

    • Physiotherapy Services.

    • Medical Laboratory & Diagnostics Services.

    • Medicine – Home Delivery Services.

    • Ambulance & Emergency Services.

    • Ophthalmology, Dental Care, ENT and all specialty Support.

  1. Healthcare Management Services

    • Healthcare Accreditations ( ISO, NABH, NABL, JCI, etc).

    • Healthcare Operations and Management Services.

    • Hospital Management Information and EMR Supportive Services.

    • A to Z in Training.

    • Customer Care Support.

  1. Corporate – Health (Occupational) Services

    • Arranging healthcare awareness talks, screening and medical camps, vaccination and preventive care assistance.

    • Support in pre-employment and preventive healthcare by qualified medical experts in respective field.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility in healthcare.

  1. Training & Development

    • Various short term healthcare & general management courses (onsite and online) in association with reputed institutions.

    • Support in healthcare management/administration of candidates projects.

    • Function as various universities Study Centres.

    • Organizing national & international events (Seminars/Workshops/Conferences).

  1. Medical Tourism
    • Medical Tourism (also called Health Tourism) refers to the growing trend towards the utilization of medical services in India coupled with post-treatment cultural tours across the country. Millions of people from abroad choose medical tourism in India to get treated from the internationally trained surgeons and for best medical treatment available. Being one of the global medical tourism destinations, India excels in all medical treatments and is known for its high quality health care.

    • As a health care facilitator, our team of medical and non-medical professionals will help you

      • Make informed decisions on selecting the hospitals.

      • Accommodation, transportation, surgery and post medical treatment.

      • Choose the right destination for recuperation.

      • Coordinate all medical correspondence with medical experts and

      • Facilitate all hospital appointments, investigations and procedures

      • .