Monday, March 11, 2013

A.Mahalingam, Asst Registrar / Academic officer -SankaraNethralaya Academy

Shri A.Mahalingam, Asst Registrar / Academic officer with the Sankara Nethralaya Academy best exemplifies the essence, ethos and spirit of Sankara Nethralaya. Having been associated with the organization for more than two decades, since its early years he has seamlessly integrated with its value sets and goals.

Shri A Mahalingam brings along with him a broad spectrum knowledge and understanding acquired through his numerous academic accomplishments, his own keen observation and innate understanding of people and processes acquired through real time experience and an incredible grasp of ground realities. While his deep understanding of Sankara Nethralaya’s functioning and the challenges before it make him a fine fit for any role in the organization, he has been assigned the major challenge of nurturing the Sankara Nethralaya Academy as an educational institution par excellence and carve a niche for it in academic circles.

Shri Mahalingam introduced many innovations and processes that brought his stamp of individuality and contributed to the enhancement and growth of every department he served and his known among his colleagues as a man with a vision, a man who leads from the front and a man who sets targets through his personal example.

His current role demands his involvement in every sphere of the Sankara Nethralaya Academy’s functioning, from developing curriculum, supporting faculty members, administrative staff, guiding students, counseling students seeking admission, forging alliances with external institutions and creating a high level of awareness about the institution and its courses in academic circles and among the general public. Given his flair for academics and interpersonal skills, the role fits him perfectly and the academy has made impressive strides under his able leadership.

While we could go on a lengthy description on his knowledge, skills, accomplishments as a professional and his personal traits as a warm, caring and unassuming individual and his numerous his contributions to the growth of Sankara Nethralaya, we would say that it is his dedication, perseverance, accessibility and sincerity in completing the task in hand that has helped him scale glorious heights in his career.

The depth of his involvement and the quality of his work can be best brought by the spontaneous and full hearted approbation that he has received from just about everyone he has interacted with during his long tenure with Sankara Nethralaya, ranging from the top management members to distinguished personalities from all walks of life.

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