Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One day workshop on Biomedical Waste Management - Sunday, 13th June 2017

TwinTech Academy
Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Regd)

One day workshop on
Biomedical Waste Management
Sunday, 13th June 2017 | 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Venue :
Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)
Chateau D´Ampa, IVth Floor, No. 37, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600029, Tamil Nadu (Land Mark : Behind Skywalk)

It is a fact that hospital is associated with a kind of divinity. This is because hospitals cure patients and also save lives. However, on the flipside, there are enormous adverse effects arising out of Biomedical Wastes that surrounds every hospital. The awareness about this lurking danger is very low. The quantity of hazardous Biomedical Waste generated by hospitals is huge. This is a serious occupational threat in healthcare establishments as well as to the public. The healthcare workers, environment, the flora and fauna in the vicinity get affected immensely due to the hazard posed by hospital wastes. 

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) transmitted through transfusion fluids, growing incidence of Hepatitis B, HIV infection, environmental, air and water pollution all contribute increasing health risks to the patients and public. Besides, there is the risk of dangerous gases from incinerators adding to the problems. Therefore, like so many disciplines that call for efficient management control, Biomedical Waste Management should also be considered as a "must" activity in a hospital.

This workshop therefore acquires critical importance in the health delivery as a whole. The objective of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for learning and implementation of the desired practices to manage Biomedical Waste. It further aims to provide useful tips on toxic waste minimization. This program will be very useful to all the administrators, medical and paramedical staff as well as people engaged in Government and private hospitals and clinical research laboratories.

Topics to be covered:

·        Biomedical Waste Management in India – Current Scenario
·        Requirements of Hospitals as per the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules.
·        Salient Features of Common Biomedical Waste facilities.
·        Importance of Segregation of Biomedical Waste.
·        Treatment and Disposal Technology.
·        Storage of Untreated Biomedical Waste.
·        Occupational and Public health risks of Hazardous Health Care Wastes.
·        Transportation of Biomedical Waste.

Eminent experts in the field like
Ex Army Medical Corps (Indian Navy),
Occupational Health Physician and Consultant,
Senior Consultant - Public Health,Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai

This workshop will be useful for the executives from Healthcare Institutions, Executives, Head of Departments, Medical and  Paramedical staff from Private and Government hospitals, Occupational healthcare centers, Clinical & Referral laboratories and Students of Healthcare Management & Allied Healthcare Programs .

Registration Fee: Rs 3000/-(Registration fee Includes Refreshments, Reference Materials).The DD to be in favour of TwinTech Academy Business Management Solutions Pvt Ltd

For details and registrations, Contact :
Mr A.Mahalingam, Organizing Secretary:
Mobile No: 97104 85295 / eMail : mahali@mahali.in

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