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Feedback / testimonials from Sankara Nethralaya Academy, chennai  
Certificate Course in Hospital management

Participant’s testimonials:

Name: Abaya Sundar

Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd


This course will really help me in future and the way the course was conducted was also nice..I got to know completely about the management in hospitals..
Please give us the printouts of the ppt before the classes getting initiated every week...This will help us more and this is just my suggestion
Thanks to Sankara Nethralaya Academy for giving me such a opportunity  for undergoing this hospitality management course.

Source: Email to Mr. Mahalingam
Date: 15/5/12
Name: Dr Atheek S, DO DNB

Organization: Fathimah Eye Clinic
23, Arulanandam Street
Chennai 600004

Dear Mr Mahalingam,
I have attached a copy of my testimonial.
With regard to feed back here are few humble suggestions from my side to make the next session better.
1. As far as timing is concerned, as doctors saturday is a very busy day, coz many people prefer meeting docs on saturdays. Instread of saturday, if the course could be organised on some week day (same timing 3-6PM)  other than monday it will benefit practising doctors.
2.All sessions conducted by SN faculty - Insurance management & hosp accreditation were very good, unfortunately i missed first session on customer care by SN faculty- I heard from other candidates that it was good, but few session by faculty with no prior experience in health care industry was not up to the mark.
In future if you can organise more session by SN faculty it will be better coz i feel practical work exposure in a institution like SN is anyday better than brand value and qualification.
Though all sessions were very informative, Sessions conducted by faculty with health care industry exposure was more practical and I am able to apply what I learnt from them.
Hats off to you and your team for making all of us feel at home, all yr staff members were very courteous and made us feel at ease. Looking forward to learn from SN. I am eagerly waiting to join your eMBA programme, will let you know my confirmation in few days (hope you dont mind having me again).My prayers and wishes to SN academy for continuing the great work and look forward to attend many such sessions in future.

Source: Email to Mr. Mahalingam
Date: 16/5/12

Good day to you!
Sankara Netralaya is said to provide outstanding service to the people and now its very clear,the academy could provide
and exhibit its excellency in imparting knowledge to others!
This short time Hospital Management course is a fabulous one for the professionals in fine tuning their attitude and professional
approach in managing a hospital.
At first i thought iam making a mockery of myself in selecting this course as iam only a PG degree holder in Biochem..But after attending
four to five sessions,it gave me a clear path where i stand!
I sure have an idea now what to do next,and that would obviously be at a hospital.
The faculties in each and every session were highly talented and gave us the right points in a very crystal clear manner.
These twelve sessions were highly informative for sure!
and last but not least the SN academy collegues were moving very friendly with us.
Iam sure all my shyness bursted and flew away in the clouds!
Their is even more loads of things to learn from our sessions faculties i believe!
Thank you sir.
ps:i never could think of one brick bat to say to you as, the all the sessions turned very well in imparting what we dont know!
hummm...may be one:some sessions needed more than 3 hours and the faculties were struggling to end it like would be
great if such sessions had more than 3 hours or else you might as well extend the session as part one and part two.That would be all...

Dear Sir

The  CCHM Program is a very interesting and educational sessions . The
class time goes by quickly and all the info shared by the faculties
was very eye opening.  I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to
the whole sessions that you have organized for us. In the class
everyone was so friendly and helpful, every week class was very
interesting and we learned many new things especially last week class
(Training and Development). In this letter I would like to thank Dr.
Sheila John who gave permission to attend these sessions. Thank a lot

With regards

Mrs Pramila

Dear Mr. Mahalingam,

Greetings from Subramanian.

I thank the Sankara Nethralaya & Academy for providing a comprehensive certificate program. The course encompassed all the relevant subjects in the hospital administration and management.

I must appreciate all the faculty members and the guest speakers for imparting, sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

I should thank you and your staff for providing excellent hospitality and assistance.

Last but certainly not the least, the program gave an opportunity to meet a diversified group as 'Batch Mates' to have our best moments. 

Wishing all the success to all.

Date: 20/5/12
Source: Email to Mr. Mahalingam

From Shri Subramanian – Pharmacutical Executive

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