Monday, December 3, 2012

Medical Secretary Course from Sankara Nethralaya Academy

Greetings from the Sankara Nethralaya Academy!


As you are aware, the founding objects of the Medical Research Foundation were to provide quality ophthalmic care, at affordable cost to the patient, provide quality and totally free eye care to the indigent in the community, teach and train an army of personnel to combat blindness affecting the population of India and engage in India relevant eye research.


Over the last 3 decades, the academic activities of Sankara Nethralaya encompassed Ophthalmology, Optometry, Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technology. In January 2010, Sankara Nethralaya decided to scale up the Academic activities through setting up of “The Sankara Nethralaya Academy. The Sankara Nethralaya Academy would function as a unit of Medical Research Foundation. The SN Academy is avowed to employ a system of educating people imparting knowledge through instruction courses, training classes, and usher in newer training/teaching methodologies including the use of IT. The objective is to teach courses that deal with A to Z in healthcare services. 


As part of the SN Academy, Certificates and fellowships programmes of various durations would be awarded at the end of successful completion of different courses. Importance to practical training would be of utmost importance definitely necessitating smaller number of students per class and longer duration of courses. Both Distance education programme and residential form of education would be imparted.


In order to train medical secretaries in performing highly specialized secretarial duties, the Sankara Nethralaya Academy offers a ‘Short Term Course in Medical Secretary.’ The course will train medical secretaries to schedule appointments, file bills for patients, compile medical charts and reports and handle correspondence. The course will enable secretaries to understand the nuances of writing reports, articles, billing, insurance and order supplies.



By the end of the course, a medical secretary will possess a cornucopia of skills and be a good communicator. A secretarial position within the medical profession is the best of both worlds for some - a responsible office job plus the satisfaction of being involved with people’s health and possibly even contact with patients. That’s why specialist Medical Secretarial jobs are very well regarded.


Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, introduction to Hospital Management & information system, Communication skills, Public Relations, case studies, telephonic etiquettes and rotation postings of various supportive service departments will be handled during the course.  The students also will be rotated for various multi speciality hospitals for the training and clinical experience and observations.


The course will be of 3 month duration. The students will receive a Certificate if they successfully complete the program and the examination at the end of the program.


The 3rd batch of the same will be commencing from First week of February 2013.


This program would be an ideal one for the front-office staff of your institution besides the clinical secretaries. We will be happy to enroll your sponsored candidate into the program.


To know more about the program, visit our website: Do contact us for further details at


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